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About Us Friends of Love Kibera realized that despite having 511 NGOs and CBOs working in Kibera, many children were struggling to attend school and going without food. Similarly, the population is made up of unemployed people, thus forcing families to small businesses that rarely meet their basic needs, let alone education needs. Charitable organizations such as FOLKS is a source of hope and heavily relies on volunteers and donors, we can offer hot meals and support for education, which helps touch hearts and transform one child at a time. Lack of jobs affects families, resulting in lack of food and money to educate children, resulting in children struggling with malnutrition and increased absenteeism at school. We also use sports like football to raise awareness of environmental issues and use the status of sport for information and to increase awareness of responsibility.



Total Number of programs being ran by the organization to ensure they respond to the unmet needs of nutrition, education and gender violence among children and teens.


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