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Friends of Love Kibera is a community-based organization founded in the year 2015. The organization is registered with the government of Kenya as non-profit working within the slums of Kibera. The objective of the organization is to respond to the unmet needs of nutrition, education, and gender violence among children and teens.

The organization realized that despite having 511 NGOs and CBOs working in Kibera slums many children were struggling to attend school and going without food. The founders felt that these problems hindered the holistic growth and development of children hence denying them an opportunity to grow and live their lives fully. It is this background that inspired the establishment of our project. Kibera is home to 1.5 million people.

These people live in informal settlements that have no clean flowing water and lack adequate toilets. Similarly, the Kibera slums population is made up of the majority of people who are unemployed therefore forcing the families to start a small business that rarely meets their basic needs leave alone the education needs. The lack of jobs trickles down to the families leading to a lack of food and money to educate children, therefore, leading to children struggling with malnutrition and increased number of absenteeism in school.

Charities such as Friends of Love Kibera are a source of hope since through donor support we can offer hot meals and education support as a result we can touch hearts and transform lives one child at a time.

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